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RideFit - Car Gym 40 lb Resistance

RideFit - Car Gym 40 lb Resistance

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The RideFit band is crafted to maximize durability, protect against breakage, prevent over-extension, and enable anyone to exercise with resistance bands. With RideFit, you get a band that is virtually impossible to over-extend, safeguarded by Nylon-Fabric.

This design allows users to avoid common resistance band issues, such as snagging on body and neck hair, and damage like nicks, cuts, and abrasions. The covered tubing also offers protection for those with latex allergies.

Stop wasting money on cheap bands that break during regular use; the RideFit band is your reliable, long-term resistance band. Customize your workout with five resistance options ranging from 10 to 50 pounds.


(RideFit does not recommend or endorse the use of exercise bands while actively driving. The use of exercise bands should only occur when the vehicle is at a complete stop or in stationary traffic. By using RideFit exercise bands, users acknowledge and agree to exercise caution and responsibility, ensuring that all activities are conducted in a safe and appropriate manner. RideFit disclaims any liability for injuries, accidents, or damages resulting from the misuse of exercise bands in a moving vehicle.)

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